Western Guaranty Fund Services

Managing and paying claims for property and casualty insurance.

Western Guaranty Fund Services
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Western Guaranty Fund Services (WGFS) is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated association formed in 1984 for the purpose of managing and paying claims for property and casualty insurance guaranty associations.  WGFS exists to provide management and claims supervisory services to insurance guaranty associations (also known as guaranty funds); to assist guaranty associations in the discharge of their statutory responsibilities; and to promptly and efficiently handle covered claims against insolvent insurers.


In 1984 a group of western United States insurance guaranty associations united with a common goal to form Western Guaranty Fund Services. Their goal was to centralize the management of their property and casualty insurance claims and to serve their administrative needs as economically as possible.


In its history, WGFS has managed over 28,000 property and casualty insurance claims on behalf of its member guaranty associations, paying over $440 million to claimants and policy holders.


We are proud to serve our Guaranty Association Members:


The Colorado Insurance Guaranty Association
The Idaho Insurance Guaranty Association
The Kansas Insurance Guaranty Association
The Montana Insurance Guaranty Association

The Nebraska P&L Insurance Guaranty Association

The Washington Insurance Guaranty Association
The Wyoming Insurance Guaranty Association